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The return of King!!!!

Yes!!! You read the title correct. The former co-host joins your good friend Jimbo to talk about Mike Tyson fighting for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship
The NHL coming back and holding a 24-team playoff
Dak Prescott’s contract talks with Dallas and Chris Simms being a goon. So after you hear the rest….take a listen and hear the best!!!!


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Full moon for the NFL and NFL players

Your good friend Jimbo is back and is wondering, were the NFL players and NFL howling at the moon this past week? definitely seems like it was a full moon. Is Jimbo tuning in for Tyson/Holyfield 3? One MLB player gives his plan for a MLB season. What is it and will it work? So after listening to the rest…. listen to the best!!!!!!!


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Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 141* Surprise NFL free agent signings

Your good friend Jimbo is back this week with 2 new NFL free agent signings. What do they mean to their teams? Why does one signing have a possible future impact in Jimbo’s opinion? Plus UFC 249 is this weekend!!!!! Its been awhile but Jimbo gives his picks so find out what they are. Remember, after hearing the rest…. listen to the best!!!!!

Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 140* 2020 NFL draft recap

Your good friend Jimbo is back and seems to be in a pissy mood. Why? What did an NBA team do to piss him off? Then he talks about the 2020 NFL draft. How does he feel about the Eagles draft? Whos his winners and losers? All this and more so remember, after hearing the rest…..listen to the best.

Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 139* NFL Draft 2020

Jimbo is back this week with some more info on the possibility of UFC 249 happening. Did they find a location for it? Also a blockbuster trade happened in the NFL. What happened and how does Jimbo think that team will fair in the upcoming NFL season? Plus he gives his take on this years NFL draft for his eagles so after hearing the rest…. listen to the best

Stay Tuned Sports*Episode 77* Nfl trainging camp is here

The boys kick off the show after a two week hiatus with how terrible NFL and UFC are handling athletes getting into legal troubles. Plus this week NFL kicked off training camp so Jimbo and shoulders talk holdouts, what contracts players should get, and Shoulders gives his “way to early” picks for week 1-3 of the Philadelphia eagles season. So tune in and turn in up.