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Road back to the NFL


On this weeks episode, Jimbo talks about how Alex Smith has completed his road back to the NFL. Also talks some breaking news at the top of the show. How did the Stay Tuned Sports drivers do at Talladega? Plus another round of BLU picks with a special guest. Tune in and turn it up!!!!!



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Chaos in the Nfl


With more positive tests for covid in the NFL popping up, Stay Tuned Sports pleas with the commish to go with his idea. What is it? will it work? Also did Bill O’brien get the short end of the stick here? Plus this weeks BLU picks. Plus big announcement. Are you guys curious what it is? Tune in and find out what it is.


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Covid in the NFL, Whats next?


Stay Tuned Sports is back, and the Jimbo is not to happy with #FlyEaglesFly play. But he’s ok with Conor McGregor finally doing something good. What is it? Covid strikes the Tennessee Titans. How does it affect the games this weekend? All this plus a brand new BLU picks from Jimbo.


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2020 strikes NFL injury list


After working out the technical difficulty kinks, Stay Tuned Sports is back. This week they talk about when the potential 20-21 NHL season will begin. Will fans be aloud? What ideas will be used in order to get all 82 games in? Plus, 2020 strikes the NFL with major injuries in week 2. Which one is the biggest one in Jimbo’s opinion? The #BLU picks are back this week. Will Jimbo fair better then last week? Tune in and find out.



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StatementGames founder joins show


In a special episode, Founder and CEO of StatementGames joins jimbo to talk about who they are and what fun ways you can enjoy fantasy sports style with them. They also talk some NFL topics as well as college football. So tune in case theres a special offer being offered but need to listen for the instructions. So tune in and turn it up!!!!!

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Just a little NFL talk


Stay Tuned Sports is back this week helping kick off the new NFL season. But first what’s going on with Brock Lesnar since his WWE departure? How’s Jimbo feeling after his Flyers were eliminated and who are his conference finals picks? And Jimbo unveils a new segment in honor of the upcoming start to the NFL season.


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Gardner Minshew and free beer? WHAT!!!!!??????


We saw free beer in Cleveland for the Browns first victory in 2018. Now free beer for winning fantasy football? Yep. That’s right. Stay Tuned Sports Talks about how you can win free beer. Also there’s a Philadelphia coaching change. Which one is it? And Karma comes back to bite a former Philadelphia player in the butt. All this and more, so tune in and turn it up.


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Way to go Lindblom and Smith!!!!


Here’s a feel good story that Stay Tuned Sports host Jimbo talks about. Oskar Lindblom making his way back to the NHL and Alex Smith back with the Washington team. How far will the fairy tale go? Plus, what unwritten rule got broken this time? All this and more so tune in and turn it up!!!!


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Patriots cheating cam for Cam?


Stay Tuned Sports helps bring in the 4th of July with its on sports fireworks. The NFL hands down punishment to the Patriots for cheating (again). Was it hard enough? Speaking of the Patriots, they made a transaction this past week. No it wasn’t paying a cameraman off but they definitely paid a Cam. Good move? Bad move? Plus your good friend Jimbo recaps UFC fight night. Whats next for the fighters? All this on a brand new Stay Tuned Sports

The return of King!!!!


Yes!!! You read the title correct. The former co-host joins your good friend Jimbo to talk about Mike Tyson fighting for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship
The NHL coming back and holding a 24-team playoff
Dak Prescott’s contract talks with Dallas and Chris Simms being a goon. So after you hear the rest….take a listen and hear the best!!!!


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