NSRA IRacers Christopher Darling and Ben Adams


On an extra episode for the week, Jimbo talks to Christopher Darling and Ben Adams from the NSRA racing league. They talk some Brady GOAT talk and give their picks for SBLV. And to close out the show the make a big announcement that only you will want to hear for yourself.


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Super Bowl Week!!!!!


Jimbo and Stay Tuned Sports is back celebrating Super Bowl Week!!!! Kicking off this championship weekend, He talks Page Van Zant’s debut in BKFC. Also gives his picks for Knucklemania. Matt Stafford trades to the Rams. Does Jimbo think that’s the final piece for the Rams? He also gives his stories going into the Super Bowl as well as his final pick for the NFL season.


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UFC 257 review & 10 top NFL Quarterback destinations


Stay Tuned Sports is back… And On time!!!! Jimbo talks about the demise of Connor Mcgregor at UFC 257 and more controversy with Herb Dean. With the Nfl season coming to a close, Jimbo looks ahead at quarterbacks moving to new teams. He gives his top 10 quarterbacks to be moving on.


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STS Sim Box racer Joshua Soble


On a special (spur of the moment) episode, Jimbo interviews Joshua Soble, who races the Stay Tuned Sports truck in the sim box racing league. They talk about the season so far and the chance he has at making the chase for the championship. They also talk a little hockey since NHL season started Wednesday, finishing up with some up coming ERSCA IRacing season coming up and what to look for through out that season.



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Tank for 6th?


In the first episode of 2021, Stay Tuned Sports is back asking the same questions as the media. When will Notre Dame win the big one? Where do they go from here? Also Did Philly Tank for the 6th pick? What does the NFL do about this? Tune in and find out.


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New Year More football


With the finally show of the year, Stay Tuned Sports previews the Notre Dame Alabama semi final game. Jimbo also talks about the better situation for one Quarterback prospect. Also he gives his final BLU picks for the NFL season.


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College FootballPlayoff reveal


Were back tackling the controversy we call The College Football Playoffs. Who should be in and where? Plus are the reports true about Carson Wentz? What’s Jimbos take on it. and before the show is over he reads a Christmas carol and gives his blu picks.


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Hurts being Adams


Stay Tuned Sports is back this week talking Jalen Hurts first NFL start. How did he do? What grade did Jimbo give him? Davante Adams says he’s the number one wide receiver. Does Jimbo Agree? Plus an all new BLU picks for the NFL this week.


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