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Kevin Costner as New York Jets GM


This week Stay Tuned sports is back doing a give away for the Stay Tuned Truck Series (listen to how to be eligible). He make it a little tougher to give something away compared to the Jets just handing over Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers. And he touches on the Paul Peirce situation over at twerking ESPN.

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More Trades equals more football


Kicking off the show, Jimbo talks the upcoming Stay Tuned Sports Truck Series and what racers to watch out for. Some bug NFL draft trades happened this past week. Who does jimbo think won it between the teams, Also NFL added a week 17. whops side is jimbo on? Owners or players?


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NHLRef: Is this mic on???


Check check!!!! Is this mic on?….. Yep that’s what one NHL ref should of said first before speaking and Jimbo talks whos really at fault for it. What’s the Flyers future look like? And Stay Tuned Sports gives a little preview of UFC 260.



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Suspended for doing his job!!!!


STS is back with some interesting stories and takes. A high school basketball coach gets suspended for doing his job? NFL adding a Monday night wild card game? What does Jimbo think about these stories this week? Plus another round of Garage Talk with Josh Soble.


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Slow news week turns into interesting debate


With no NFL or football in general going on, its been a slow sports week. That doesn’t stop Jimbo from visiting the latest Wentz news. Also where does Kamaru Usman rank on the P4P list after UFC 258?



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King SuperBowl Review


Jimbo is joined by his good friend King to go over SuperBowl LV. What does Brady’s win do for future quarterbacks? Will Mahomes bounce back? What organization has it worse? Philly? or Houston? Also Stay Tuned Sports has a new segment. “Garage Talk With Joshua Soble!!!!”


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NSRA IRacers Christopher Darling and Ben Adams


On an extra episode for the week, Jimbo talks to Christopher Darling and Ben Adams from the NSRA racing league. They talk some Brady GOAT talk and give their picks for SBLV. And to close out the show the make a big announcement that only you will want to hear for yourself.


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